On March 29 and 30 2019, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of LOMEF (Lorraine Robinson and Maeve Coughlan Education Fund) a two-day program was organized at the International Institute of Peace and Development Studies (IIPDES), Thailand. In the program, there was a representation from 10 countries of the world. The program was aimed at providing a forum for LOMEF stakeholders to come together. The program was facilitated by Kiran Bohara.

On the first day, the focus was towards taking stock of what had been achieved by LOMEF partners and the discussion on the LOMEF mission in the upcoming decades. It also focused on identifying opportunities and challenges ahead to sustain the momentum and reach out to most-deserving individuals and communities. During the program, Ms. Kathleen Coughlan and Mr. Anthony Coughlan, Co-founder of LOMEF shared about the vision statement of the organization. Ms. Raisa Karim gave her thought and ideas regarding quality education. Ms. Kusum KC shared the experiences of Jagriti Child and Youth Concern Nepal (JCYCN) and presented on “Role of youth organization and the importance of networking in policy level advocacy”. Mr. Tilottam Paudel, President of JCYCN, also shared his experiences with everyone and talked about how LOMEF and ARF had provided educational support to the children in Nepal through JCYCN from 2003 to 2010.

The next day focused on creating opportunities for the sponsors, the management staff, partner organizations and beneficiaries to celebrate success and renew commitment to keep LOMEF as well as partner organizations dynamic, innovative and relevant by evolving effective strategies to overcome future challenges. Mr. Ashraf Ali, Ms. Laillain Tawni, Mr. Kishor Pandey and Mr. Meas Chandeth gave inter faith prayers. Two candles were also lighted in the memory of Lorraine Robinson and Meave Coughlan and silence was observed in the memory of people who were killed in New Zealand. This was followed by the opening remarks on the celebration of the 20th anniversary of LOMEF by Asst. Prof. Dr. Niramit Kunanuat, President of ARF. Mr. Trideb Paudel delivered his speech on “Me, my country and my dream”. Mr. Abdus Sabur shared on the future on the future program in the light of LOMEF vision, management and sustainability.

Activities for children were also conducted during the program. Children were given three themes for drawing competition 1) My dream school, 2) My village, and 3) My Aim. There was a constructive engagement of children in the program. Children also gave a musical performance and prize was distributed to the winners of the competition. A group work on capacity building strategies of the project partners towards sustainability was conducted as the final session of the two-day program.

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