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Jagriti Children and Youth Concern Nepal (JCYC Nepal ) is a non-governmental, non- political and non-profit making organization, which was formed by former child club activists and like-minded youths. This child club was the first of its kind in Nepal. Keeping children’s rights in mind, a group of united children registered a case in the Supreme Court to demand the registration of the child club in the District Administration office. They registered their case against the Home Ministry and the District Administration office. Finally, after three years the verdict of the Supreme Court was announced in favor of the children. From that moment on, Jagriti Child Club has had legal permission to organize groups of children and form child clubs in all districts of Nepal. This was the start of a process that has had an extremely positive influence in many Nepalese communities, and now the former child club members have begun to work with JCYC Nepal to coordinate and build a network with child and youth clubs.