7th September, Rautahat, Gaur

Since June, 37 districts in Nepal have been impacted by flood and landslide. Rautahat is one of the districts that was heavily affected with 40,000 affected households. There were 16 casualties among which, 5 were children. The floods inundated more than a dozen villages in Rautahat. Although the flood water has receded, there are significant concerns about the possibility of disease outbreaks after the floods, with affected people facing difficulties in accessing adequate health care.

Jagriti Child and Youth Concern Nepal (JCYCN), on 7th of September, distributed relief materials to over a hundred and twenty-five houses in the flood affected area of Gaur Municipality-7, Rautahat. The relief materials were collected in collaboration with several other organizations.

JCYCN, with its three-member team including the President of JCYCN; Tilottam Paudel, Shraddha Verma and Bhabish Shrestha headed to Rautahat, Gaur Municipality-7 from Kathmandu on 6th September with Relief materials, that included Torchlights, nail cutters, towels, lentils, Rice, Biscuits, water purification tablets, colouring books, colours, soaps, toothpaste, mosquito coils and mosquito nets.

The relief materials collection was organized by JCYCN and Kinder in Nepal e.V in collaboration with Loo Niva Child Concern, Rural Development center Nepal, Child Nepal, Eco-Social Development Organization Nepal, Idea Holding, Lumbini Medicine Distributors, and Human Rights Alliance.

RDC Rautahat acted as the Local Partner for the distribution Program. The team met with the District Chair of NGO Federation, Mr. Pramod Chaudhary of Rautahat District, the chief of RDC Rautahat, and with the help of representatives of RDC, and local volunteers distributed the Relief materials to a hundred and twenty-five houses in Dhakar Tole.



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