JCYCN with the support of KANALLAN has been conducting the Girls empowerment project in Devchuli, Nawalpur. The 30 peer educators who have been trained have been actively engaged in the Girls Empowerment project and are setting great examples of being leaders in their own schools and communities. The girls were taken for an exposure visit to Kapilvastu so that they could see other exemplary activities done by girls in a different area and for sharing of experience. The exposure visit was conducted through help from CARE Nepal, who are also working to prevent child marriage and empowering Girls in Kapilvastu, among other areas.

On 12th January, the girls met with the VSLA group and the Girls group, along with representatives from Boys’ Group, who are working together with the girls in Agigara. The girls interacted with one another, and shared the problems and opportunities in their respective communities. They also shared their own best practices, and how they are dealing with problems specific to their communities.

On the second day, the Girls met the Girls’ Network in Taulihawa and with the Drama team. There was an active and enthusiastic participation from girls from both sides where they shared their own experiences of growing up as a girl, and how they came to be leaders. The drama Team also performed a drama that sent a message against child marriage. The girls also got a chance to meet Ms. Sadhana Harijan, also a part of the Girls Network and the drama team, who is setting an example by stopping her own marriage and is running a radio show, along with others, advocating for girls’ empowerment.

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