Thank you for your interest in getting involved with JCYCN!

There are many different ways you can support us, they come as follow:

  • To assist by donating funds to a specific project/program or to JCYCN in general. You can contact us either way to question about the organization financial needs and how your donation could be helpful.
  • To assist by donating different kinds of materials, from scholar to medical or construction items, for instance. Let us know what sort of spare things you have to donate, we might need them (or know someone who does!).
  • To share our activities’ news and Facebook posts on your Social Medias so more people get to know about our work and projects.
  • To invite us to participate/support/host/co-organize a project that you are somehow involved (if related to any of our focus’ areas).
  • To suggest us projects/campaigns/organizations/networks that matches our goals and might bring positive outcomes in the future.
  • To give us feedback or recommendations on how and where we can improve our work.
  • To join our Volunteering Program.
  • To join our Internship Program.