Between 16th February and 20th February 2018, an International/Global Youth summit was conducted in Pokhara under the joint organization of National Youth Council Nepal, Jagriti Child and Youth Concern Nepal, Track Nepal, Guru Chela Foundation, Step Up Foundation Bangaladesh, and Rotaract Club of Pokhara, Lakeside where more than 200 participants from 17 countries ( Nepal, Bangaladesh, Hungary, New Zealand, Russia, Malaysia, Afghanistan, Oman, Baharain, United States of America, Indonesia, Myanmar, Sudan, Sri-Lanka, India, Brazil, United Arab Emirates) met to discuss the contemporary global and local issues regarding youth and affecting our countries and communities.

The representation of participants was diverse on the basis of their country of origin, gender, profession, age, academics, ability, religion and culture. We worked through sessions on Career Development, Sustainable Development Goals, Quality Education, Youth Empowerment, Youth and Migration, Climate Change, Youth and Peace, Youth and Politics, Developing Life Skills and Partnerships, Developing Leadership and Entrepreneurial Skills, as well as IT and Digitalization. We heard from many inspiring speakers about the journeys they have taken, and how they have worked to change their lives and the lives of others in the world. Many relationships were formed as people met people from other countries, talking with them about issues that affect us all, working out ways to support each other and make change.

The Youth from this Summit commit to:

· Taking control of our lives,

· Working to develop our leadership skills,

· Asking questions and looking for answers we can use in practice in our lives,

· Identifying ways to use our skills and knowledge for good, and

· Partnering with others to make a difference for people in our communities.

· Working from our local levels to attain world peace

· Promoting local entrepreneurship and self-employment

· Working to achieve SDGs

· Active Youth Participation in Social and Global Issues

· Inclusion of youth with physical challenges


We declared the next youth summit for 2019; the third Global Youth Summit will be taking place in Malaysia and the third International Youth Summit will be taking place in Sri-Lanka. We look forward to the next Youth Summit, where we can share progress on our journeys and continue to build relationships with people from many countries to change the world for the better.

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