Jagriti Child Club Nepal (JCCN) was established in 9 April 1992 in Pragatinagar VDC, Nawalparasi district. Initially the club was named as Nawa Prabhat Child Club, but it changed to Jagriti Child Club Nepal in 1995. It was established with seven children and formed for the right and welfare of children to make them active as per the Convention on Rights of a Child (CRC) from 1989. It is the first ever registered child club of Nepal.


Jagriti Child Club Nepal has been working for the welfare and rights of children in Nawalparasi district since 1992. During a protest of opposition in April 6, 1992, an innocent seven year old onlooker was shot at in Kathmandu and many innocent children were wounded. Against that tyranny, a child club was set-up aiming to protect children and their rights. When the club sought for formal registration in 1997, it was denied by the District Administration Office-Nawalparasi stating that children below 16 years don’t have citizenship so they could not allow its registration. Later on in 1998, JCCN went to the Home Ministry, but they were denied as well. Consequently, with the help of CWIN, the case was filed on the Supreme Court of Nepal on January 18, 1999, by Tilottam Paudel, president of the club at that time. The case was filed on the basis of section 12 of United Nations Convention on the Rights of a Child (UNCRC) from 1989. The particular section makes clear provision for children’s right to open organizations and on their participation in such organized activities. According to the Nepali laws, any ratified international law is equally valid as the law of the land. Ultimately, the Supreme Court of Nepal decided in the favor of the child club in August 9, 2001, making JCCN the first child club of the country to registered formally. After the eight years legal battle, the District Administration Office of Nawalparasi finally registered the club (DAO no. 1203) in September 9, 2007, and affiliated by Social Welfare Council (SWC no. 23781) in the same year. It is worth to mention that JCCN was affiliated in District Children Welfare Board (DCWB no. 1) in 2001, but it has no legitimacy by that time.

The verdict of Supreme Court has opened doors for child clubs across Nepal to get formal registration. All child clubs are encouraged to form networking and share problems, experiences and organize together. Recently in 2011, JCCN had 1500 members around the country and 150 in Pragatinagar VDC alone, where it is also member of Pragatinagar Village Child Club Network. Since 2005, the club is one of the pioneers to pressurize stakeholders for declaration of a Child-Friendly VDC. Eventually, Pragatinagar VDC has been declared as the first child-friendly VDC in Nepal in 24 December, 2013.


  1. To make children, their parents, and other family members aware about child rights.
  2. To advocate, promote, implement and use the major four rights mentioned on the Convention on Rights of a Child (CRC) from 1989, which was passed by UN member countries and ratified by Nepal on September 14, 1990. The major four rights mentioned on CRC are:
    1. Children’s right to live.
    2. Children’s right to protection.
    3. Children’s right to development.
    4. Children’s right to participation.
  3. To organize various programs on local level to ensure welfare and rights of children.
  4. To raise voice for protection of arts, literature, social harmony, native language, native culture and education; and against social evils and incidences of child rights violation.
  5. To lead meaningful participation of children from local level to national level.


  • Nepal’s first and historical legally registered child club, established in April 6, 1992.
  • Partner to build nationally and internationally recognized Child-Friendly Village Development Committee.
  • Regular auditing.
  • Bank account in its own name.
  • Regular publication of “Bal Indreni” every year.
  • Backbone for shaping independent youths.
  • Students of Bachelors in the Law course of Tribhuvan University have to study about the club case.  


  • CWIN has awared JCCN with the Best Child Club in the country in 20 November 2008 on the occasion of International Children’s Day. Its certificate contains signatures of political leaders including Pushpa Kamal Dahal (Prachanda), Madhav Kumar Nepal, and Grija Prasad Koirala.
  • District Child Club Network has awarded JCCN with the Excellent Child Club Award on 27 November 2005.

Achievements of former child club members

  • Founder and patron of JCCN, Mr. Tilottam Paudel, has been elected as central General Secretary in the Association of Youth Organizations Nepal (AYON); as President of Jagriti Child and Youth Concern Nepal (JCYCN); and as Coordinator of the Community Managed Disaster Risk Reduction Forum Nepal.
  • Former presidents, Mr. Raju Khatri and Mr.Narayan Dhakal, and former vice-president, Mr.Shree Krishna B.K. , have been elected in Working Committee of Pragatinagar Youth Network.
  • Former president of JCCN and current member of Pragatinagar Child-friendly Governance Committee, Mr. Narayan Dhakal, has been elected as Secretary of Student Welfare Forum, Jana Jyoti Multiple Campus, Pragatinagar.
  • Former joint secretary, Mr. Sagar Neupane, has been elected as President of Student Welfare Forum, Jana Jyoti Multiple Campus, Pragatinagar.