On Ashwin 16, 2075, ‘Self Defense training program’ was organized by National Youth Council (NYC) in collaboration with Jagriti Child and Youth Concern Nepal (JCYCN), SDGs Studio, Girls Kick, N-CFLG Forum, Search for Common Ground, AIESEC, Yuwalaya – Youth Resource Center and Y Peer Nepal. The program, was held in the premises of National Youth Council, Sanothimi Bhaktapur.


The major objective of this program is to create a common platform and motivation to all the people who are under violence anytime to act from their own place at situations. It aims to develop the strength, mind set up and power to raise voice against violence. There were about 100 participants in the program including the respective from different organizations, clubs, and academic institutions. There was active participation and constructive engagement of youths, especially women’s in the discussion and other sessions.


The program was divided into different sessions starting with formal to informal with prize distribution ceremony for all the participants who could make their position in top 10 in the photo contest taken place in International Youth Day. The formal session was superintend by Mr. Niraj Neupane (Executive Director at SDGs Studio, also at Girls Kick). Mr. Madhav Dhungel (Vice President of National Youth Council) gave and short speech on how efforts of all together leads the nation. Mrs. Bhawana Bhatta (Co-Founder at Yuwalaya – Youth Resources Center) gave a short speech on how speechless she was and proud at the moment seeing women’s leading. The then formal program was successfully accomplished by Mr. Pawan Bukshe (Co-Founder/ Lead Self Defense Trainer at Girls kick) with training to all the participants.


Afterwards, informal sessions started where Mr. Niraj Neupane, Executive Director of SDGs Studio became the moderator of the session. He had spoken about different issues related with violence going on in the nation, and how one could build self-confidence and capacity building, how not to only get training but implementing it further.


The program brings all from diverse academic field having different knowledge and understanding. The self-defense program was successfully accomplished with the active participation of all 100+ youths and especially energetic women’s. After the end, Mr. Niraj Neupane summarized the program and shared importance and necessity of such program and its effectiveness. The program was very effective which motivate the youth to take action from their own capacity and use to fullest against violence. It provided different information, skills and knowledge regarding change in own self. It was also fruitful to foster all the women’s and youth choices and opportunities of being responsible. This type of motivational program was essential to energize all the women’s and foster their hidden potentials which helps them to grow up their confidence level and helps to grow up both mentally and socially.


This program increases self-confidence, training in self-defense helps people, especially women, develop more confidence in themselves and their surroundings. Continuity to this overall fitness through learning self-defense, on could maintain their muscle and endurance through practicing along with other exercising activities. Also, this program helps to grow up leadership skills, team building, networking and coordination.

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