JCYCN in collaboration with UNICEF, //KANALLAN, Girls Kick, NCFLG Forum, Garden of Hope Foundation, Asian Girls Campaign, NHRC, Devchuli Municipality, CWIN, Child Nepal, SPCSN, YUWALAYA, Caritas Nepal, Care Nepal,HAMI, Swatantrata Abhiyan, INSEC, World Vision and various other organizations organized a province level Girl Summit for Gandaki Province and Province number 5 on 21st Sept 2018 and 22nd Sept 2018 in Devchuli Municipality, Nawalparasi. The theme of the summit was on stopping child marriage and violence against girl child.

There was a participation from all the 23 districts of Gandaki province and province number 5, totaling over 100 participants comprising of girls, social workers and elected representatives of the various districts. The first day consisted of discussions on the current situation of girls along with the various existing laws and policies on girls. The discussion was followed by a panel discussion between the participants and the resource persons. The day finally concluded with a 9-point Declaration Paper being written by the participants to be released the next day.

The declaration paper consisted of topics such as providing protection against violence against girls, and punishing the offender, making the local institutions child friendly, elimination of ill practices happening in the society, request for capacity building and empowerment programs, allocation of budget for their welfare, etc. The participants were hopeful that their request would be heard when the paper would be released the second day.

The second day of the event saw a participation of over 1000 participants from 23 districts, 32 local schools, 25 local elected representatives, 25 social workers, NHRC, 50 NGOs and 15 media outlets. The chief guest for the event was the Minister of Social Development of Gandaki Province, Nar Devi Pun. While Ashma Aryal, Secretary of Devchuli Child Club Network, chaired the event. The other guests included Pawan Kumar Bhatta (National Human Rights Commission), Deepak Jung Karki (National Human Rights Commission), Shiva Khakurel (INSEC), Khimananda Bhusal, Man Bahadur Khadka (Chief Executive officer, Devchuli Municipality), Madhu Dawadi (CWIN), Kunjani Pariyar Pyashi (Advocator), various province level parliamentarians like Roshan Bdr. Gaha and Bhagwati Bhandari, secretary of the ministry of social development, SMC members, school teachers, child club members, mother group and over a thousand girls.

The event consisted of various interactive activities such as stalls, games, quiz, dancing and singing, documentaries and a photo booth for the girls. A drama on the issue of child marriage was also presented, gaining much appreciation from the participants. A declaration paper prepared on the issue of ending child marriage and violence against girl child by the participants on the first day was then handed over to the local, provincial and national level governmental stakeholders. All the stakeholders present made a commitment to fulfil the demands of the young girls and signed the commitment banner which had been prepared.

Declaration paper of Gandaki Province and Province Number 5 level Girl Summit

  1. The increase in number of criminal activities upon girls, which are against humanity; for instance the rape case of Nirmala Panta, have had a deep impact on our psychology. Thus, we request you to act against these activities, establish a quick mechanism of arrest and punishment to the criminal and provide relief as well as rehabilitation aid to the victims.
  2. We request to make the entire Local Level Institutions child friendly by establishing especial policies for overall development and protection of girl child.
  3. The ill practices, cultures and beliefs have affected our development, and this we request the government for the legal elimination of these cultural practices.
  4. While delivering service for children, we request you to implement the plans in all three levels as per the provision of best interest in Article 51, fifth point of sub-Article 10
  5. Our marginalization is the marginalization of another generation as well. Thus, we request for our capacity building and empowerment in various sectors. In the similar manner, we request you to involve us in the programs where our self confidence and self esteem will be increased.
  6. There must be compulsory allocation of 10% of budget for our wellbeing and programs must be implemented accordingly.
  7. The concept that the investment upon children is expense should be changed, and enabling environment should be created by all the related stakeholders for brining outcomes from girls in future, as per the investment made.
  8. Children can be made alert on the issues like violence, child labor, child marriage and other social evils if these issues are discussed in the school. Thus, we request you to incorporate these issues in the school curriculum.
  9. The basis of our overall development is our meaningful participation. Thus, keeping this view in limelight, we request to ensure our participation in all the concerned areas of children.

Date: 22 September, 2018, Saturday

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