On the Occasion of Human Rights Day 2018, a “Sharing and Discussion Program on Girls Rights and Gender Equality” was organized by Jagriti Child and Youth Concern Nepal (JCYCN) with the support of //KANALLAN and was held in Shree Sakala Devi Secondary School, Devchuli, Nawalparasi on 12th December 2018. The program was attended by the Municipal Education Officer, Advisory Committee for the Devchuli Municipality, GEP Advisory Committee Members, Peer Educators, school students, Teachers, and representatives from JCYCN and //KANALLAN. The Program was conducted with the objective of spreading awareness about the Human Rights Day, and to use the platform to discuss the issues of Girls’ Rights and the status of Gender Equality, from the perspective of the adolescent girls, as well as the adults. There was a participation from 40 people including peer educators, SMC members, social works, teachers and elected representatives.

The inequality in terms of gender, prevalent in varying scales across the municipality, depending on the topography and settlement. The peer educators expressed the inequalities that they had faced and also expressed the changes that they had found in themselves, after being a part of the GEP. All present in the program expressed their views on the situation of Gender Equality in the Municipality and the impact and the future of the Girls Empowerment Project. Manjish Pathak, (15, M) said the following while expressing the impact of the girls’ empowerment project in the community, “The girls in my class who have been a part of these programs have become so confident, and a role model for other girls as well.” Mr. Moti Prasad Rijal, the Municipal Education Officer expressed his commitment and enthusiasm to ensure that more budget is allocated on education and equitable education.

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