On July 13, 2018, Jagriti Child and Youth Concern Nepal (JCYCN)in collaboration with National Youth Council (NYC), SDGs Studio and Youth Action Nepal (NYC) organized YUWA Sankalpa in the premises of South western State College, Basundhara, Kathmandu. The major objective of this program was to create a common platform and motivation for youths to act from their own place. It also aimed to develop the entrepreneurship in the minds of the youth. There were 446 (213 male and 233 female) youth participants in the program.

The program was chaired by Ms. Rupa Uprety, member of National Youth Council (NYC) and was hosted by Mr. Tilottam Paudel, President of Jagriti Child and Youth Concern Nepal (JCYCN). Mr. Madhab Dhungel (Vice President of NYC) was the chief guest for the occasion; whereas Mr. Mukti Singh Thakuri (Administrative Chief NYC), Mr. Devi Prasad Adhikari (NYC), Mr. Niraj Neupane (Executive Director of SDGs Studio), Ms. Aayushi KC (Khalisisi) and Ramji Adhikari (Manab Sewa Asshram) were present among the distinguished guests. The session after lighting of the candle and the singing of the national anthem which was preceded by a welcome speech by Devi Prasad Bhandari (Under secretory NYC). Mr. Tilottam Paudel followed by talking about how unity among the youth is necessary for peace and prosperity. He also mentioned the need to set up national and international laws to protect their voice.

Mr. Niraj Neupane (Executive Director of SDGs Studio) was the moderator for the rest of the program. Mr. Madhab Dhungel, Mr. Ramji Adhikari and Ms. Aayushi KC were the three speakers shared their views and expressed their ideas to the ever-absorbent minds of the youth before them.

Mr. Madhab Dhungel (Vice President of National Youth Council) spoke about the National Youth Council, Youth Policy 2072 and Youth Vision 2025 and also mentioned its 5 pillars. Responding to a query from one of the participants Mr. Madhab Dhungel said that National Youth Council is the common junction for all the youth. He added by saying that the National youth council provides loans as well as awards to the youths for the entrepreneurship development because they recognized the youth for their talents and creativity.

Mr. Ramji Adhikari (Manabsewa Asshram) spoke on the value of youth and internalize their role and responsibility. He expressed his view about the youth being dynamic and curious that results in creativity. He explained his view on how a successful life was different from a satisfied life and ended his speech with a beautiful song about humanity, touching the heart of the audience.

Ms. Aayushi KC (Khalisisi) as the final speaker shared her views on the entrepreneurship mind set. She explained in detail about the how to take the initial step and be prepared for the future. She encouraged youth to work hard in their own country rather than migrating to foreign lands. She also promised to provide guidance to the youth regarding mentorship, manpower, money and materials mobilizations.

Mr. Niraj Neupane as a conclusion spoke on self-confidence and capacity building, he contextualized the society and youth perceptions towards skill development and also focused on the perceptions of families towards their children. He also marveled at the fact that the youth are very adaptable and can showcase themselves accordingly depending on the given situation.

Various participants such as Mr. Raj Kumar Mahato from Mohottari, Mr. Suman Thakur from Sinamangal and Ajay kumar Shah from Sitapaila explained how after being a part of such programs they have learned to believe in themselves and acquired various knowledge and skills required to help better the community.

The program brings youth from diverse academic field having different knowledge and understanding. The YUWA Sankalpa program was successfully accomplished with the active participation of the 400+ youths. After the end, Ms. Rupa Uprety summarized the program and shared the necessity of such program and the effectiveness.

The program was very effective in motivating the youth to act. It also helped to understand the value of life, internalizing of their potential, skills development, doing things in right time, right place and with right people. This program encourages youth to list social issues and work to solve them. This may result in the entrepreneurship development rather than working in the foreign countries. This program was completed with the remarkable career guidance to the youth.


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