22nd July 2015, Nawalparasi

A draft constitution has released in 2015 in Nepal after 8 years of political stagnation and deadlock, despite some regional political parties form Madesh had tore down the draft constitution. Additionally some of the female leaders and activists were not supporting the constitution totally as it has included contradictory means for citizenship. “Constitution can’t incorporate views of each and every political party because constitution is a document of compromise,” CA Chairman Subas Nembang said while receiving the draft from CDC Chair Krishna Prasad Sitaula.

Since the first ever constitution assembly election took place in Nepal Jagriti Child and Youth Concern Nepal (JCYCN) has been advocating for the assurance of youth and children rights, girl child rights with sustainable peace building. Since its inception period JCYCN has been promoted the implementation of national and international plans and policies for the welfare of children and youth. JCYCN has been working in the field of peace building in the collaboration of International organization such UNOY, Netherland, YUVSATTA, India, International Peace Youth Group South Korea, The Garden of Foundation Taiwan.

As soon as the Government of Nepal decided to take suggestions upon the draft constitution JCYCN took a front row to organize meeting among stakeholders to collect suggestions in various parts of Nawalparasi district and so collected suggestions have been handed over on 22nd July 2015 to the CA members representing Nawalparasi district. JCYCN in coordination with other organizations such as Esdo Nepal ,Youth for Change, Jagriti Child Club Nepal, Pragatinagar Community Library and resource centre, Devchuli Municipality Child Clubs Network have handed over a draft document containing suggestion and recommendations to the CA member Mr. Javeen Kumar Shrestha and at national level recommendations were submitted to Mr. Purusottam Paudel Minister of Youth and Sports on 26th July 2015.

Some of major recommendations are regarding the formation of national children commission and elimination of child labour. Recognizing children as one of the major actor of peace-building process and hence their involvement in peace building processes. Also the monitoring mechanism for the assurance of laws relating to children and youth being implement as assured by the constitution. Another major recommendation that was echoed by majority of populace was the need of ending of impunity and lawlessness and Strong law against sex selective abortion with compulsory free education to girls additionally the general mass as asked for the implementation of all of national and international laws and conventions that Nepal has signed including youth and children and also the need to form Youth council as soon as possible. In relation to the issues of women some of the recommendations were: to implement laws to end violence against women, to provide citizenship in the name of Mother, and in case of children with on one to look after their right to live should be protected by the new constitution of Nepal. Yet another major recommendation that were heard out loud from the population was to settle the issues religious freedom.

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