On 15th July 2017, in the presence of 200 participants launching ceremony program of post -Earthquake program was organized successfully by CYBERJAYA UNIVERSITY COLLEGE of MEDICAL SCIENCE in joint collaboration with  Jagriti Child and Youth Concern Nepal(JCYCN), IMAN, MY CARE and Naya Bazar Youth Club etc.

For the mission, a total 37 students of medicine pharmacy and allied health sciences from Cyberjaya University College of medical sciences have joined the PEACE NEPAL 2017 -Post -Earthquake Community Embrace Nepal 2017, in Kathmandu, Nepal on 13 to 18 July 2017.This year they have chosen a Kritipur Municipality as an affected area by an earthquake with occurred in 2015 at Kathmandu.

Similarly, in the program newly elected Mayor of Kritipur municipality, Mr. Ramesh Maharjan was the chief guest of the program where he praised the collaborative work done by the University of Malaysia and Naya Bazar youth Club and further added to continue such noble work on future as well. Dr. Kashim Shah (President, IMAN) chaired the program and other presented guests were Mr. Tilottam Paudel (president JCYCN), Mr.Ahmad Phadil Ismail (Malaysian Embassy), Professor Dr. Rosnah Ismail (UMS), Professor Mohamad Ekram etc. along with volunteers and participants. Mr. Suraj Maharjan was the facilitator of the program.

In support of the Malaysian Cyberjaya University College of medical science and their medical team, health camp was set in Kritipur Municipality for the villager’s health checkup where 200 people were involved, likewise, 150 children showed their active participation in arts and drawing.Equally,150 families got food support who were affected by the earthquake on 25 April 2015 with the magnitude of 7.8. After the post earthquake in collaboration with Malaysian Cyberjaya University College, My care along with JCYCN has granted various kinds of support to 7000 households of the different district in Nepal.

At the end of the program presented guests: Mr.Tilottam Paudel, Dr. Kashim Shah, Professor Mohamad Ekram, Mr.Bimal Pradhan and Puspa Maharjan distributed the certificates to the volunteers for their supportive work.





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