The First Bhaktapur youth conference 2075 was successfully conducted with the release of 12-point declaration paper covering areas of importance such as rights, demands and opportunities of Youth. The conference was organized by Youth Along Voice (YAV) Nepal in collaboration with National Youth Council, Suryabinayak Municipality, Chagunarayan Municipality, Madhyapur Thimi Municipality, Jagriti Child and Youth Concern Nepal (JCYCN), Office of Cottage and Small Industry, Bhaktapur, various other different national and district level government and non-government offices, Civil Society Organizations and likeminded organizations. There was an active participation of over 150 youths, representing from four municipalities of Bhaktapur district, current and former dignitaries of the parliament, youth rights campaigners, academia and other campaigners, activist and professionals working in the sector of youth rights, and journalists, who all shared their ideas and experience during the conference.

The objectives of the conference were to create self-employment opportunities, discuss using the various local resources creatively and encouraging employment in home country to the youth. During the course of the conference the youth urged the government to provide them with opportunities of employment, professional and technical skill development training and establishing industries to ensure youth employment. Furthermore, they also made demands for the formation of policies to promote youth entrepreneurship, and ensure compulsory participation of the youth in its planning process.

During the 2-day conference, Member of Parliament and Former Minister of Industry, Mr. Mahesh Basnet shared his experiences during his tenure in the Youth Association. He addressed the youth and encouraged them to think of ways in bringing about a revolution in development. Furthermore, he also added that Youth should also directly contribute to the social, economic and political development of the nation rather than depending on others.

Speaking during the course of declaration, Founder of YAV Nepal, Mr. Dipesh Bisunkhe iterated that it was necessary for the government to promote and ensure youth literacy on entrepreneurship and business. He further suggested that there was need to revise academic course books to include the agendas of the youth.

Dipesh Bisunkhe, Founder of YAV-Nepal speaking during the course of declaration iterated that government should promote and ensure youth literacy on entrepreneurship and business, even academic course books are required to be re-written and revised including the agendas of youths. All responsible service providers government bodies are to be made inclusive. Youths friendly economic policy should be made and implemented accordingly, government policy regarding various loan should make easy and accessible. Further, he mentioned that Youth Self-employment Fund should be active and should work effectively for the promotion of youth entrepreneurship, LGBTI and marginalized community should be given and provided with the equal opportunities mentioned in declaration.

The conference was concluded on a high note with the youth being motivated and encouraged to be self employed in their own countries. They were also explained regarding the opportunities provided by the government for the same.

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