Monitoring of murder of a child in the name of child sacrifice

8th August 2015


Jagriti Child and Youth Concern Nepal in collaboration with other 10 national level organizations coordinated a monitoring of a killing of 10 year old boy at Kudia VDC-4 of Nawalparasi district. The monitoring team included CZOP President Mr. Krishna Subedi, Jagriti Child and Youth Concern Nepal Mr. Tilottam Paudel, CZOP Coordinator Mr. Deepak Bashyal, NACG Coordinator Mr. Saroj Acharya. This team has conducted a meeting with the Chief District Officer of Nawalparasi, DSP and SSP of Nawalparasi along with District Education Officer and CRO, media persons and National human right commission representative of Nawalparasi to get a first hand information regarding the event. The initial information police has released so far regarding the case stated that the unfortunate case happened due to superstitious beliefs of curing someone in the name of sacrifice.

Since the evening of July 20, 2015, 10 years old boy Jeeven was missing. The baffled family and relatives of Jeevan got his dead body at sewerage nearby to their house. A total of 11 people were taken under custody for further investigation. As soon as the event emerges JCYCN managed to release a joint press statement in collaboration with other 15 local organizations of Nawalparasi working in the field of the welfare of children. At local level general secretary of JCYCN Mr. Dipak Sharma, District Child Clubs Networks Ms. Bipana Shara, media personal from local TV station namely Devchuli TV and Mukundasen TV, child right officer of District Child welfare Board Mr. Rabi Gautam were present during the monitoring at the crime scene.

This case is first of its kind that has been published and two of the boys from the same area are missing since last two years. Event like this has presented additional and mounting challenge to the Government of Nepal, Convention on child rights 1989 and its implementing agencies. This event happened where the majority of population are so called dalits, and lag behind in education status, health and sanitation and have superstitious beliefs. The event had scared the children so much they were afraid to go to school or do basic day today activities.

As soon as the monitoring completed, the team organizes a national level press meet to release the report in the presence Ms Mohana Ansari of National Human Right Commission and Mr. Kiran Rupakheti, Under Secretary of Ministry of Women Children and social Welfare. It concluded the event as a result of superstation, poverty, lack of awareness regarding “Tantra” and inefficiency of authorities to curb any sort religious act such as “Tantra” that ask for human sacrifice. All the monitoring team has stated this event as a heinous crime and asks government for quick action against the culprit. During the press meet, Mr. Tilottam Paudel president of JCYCN stated that he is sadden with this disgusting event and affirmed that his organization has been working at both national and local level for the welfare of children and looking forward to provide psycho-social counseling to the children of Kudia in collaboration with other organization so that they can resume their school and can prevent event like this to happen again in the society.

Child Protection and Psychological Awareness for Children Post Earthquake

19th July 2015


Programs on children protection and psychological awareness for children post earthquake have been organized in various parts of the country along with the distribution of education materials. Jagriti Child and Youth Concern Nepal, organized the program with the financial assistance of The Garden of Hope Foundation, Taiwan and in coordination with ESDO Nepal, Group of Active Social Workers, Nawalparasi, Devchuli Municipality, Sunuwal Municipality, National Child clubs Networks, and Youth for Change, Pragatinagar Community Library. Various programs were organized at various 10 different schools of Nawalparasi district and Kathmandu.

Participants included Mr Padam Ghimire counselor, Ms. Debaki Acharya member JCYCN, Mr. Deepak Sharma general secretary JCYCN, Ms. Saradha Mahat girls’ ambassador, Ms. Bipina Sharma President of district child club networks, Ms. Jamuna Kharel member JCYCN.

In those programs, students played various games as part of the psychological therapy to reduce the mental distress due to earthquake. Along with that, the organizers taught them various earthquake preparedness measures and the risk and vulnerability looming for girl child during disaster and its preventive measures including the need of sanitation. Participants of the program stated that it had provided students with sheer knowledge of earthquake preparedness including the preventive measures of girl child vulnerability during disaster including need of sanitation and hope for few more programs of this kind being launched at the school premise. Total numbers of participants for the program included 506 male students and 486 female students, 77 male teachers and 12 female teachers. One of the programs in Kathmandu was to provide orientation for youth volunteers in the issues of addressing girl child vulnerability in field during disaster.

In addition to that, JCYCN with the financial assistance of The Garden of Hope Foundation Taiwan, was able to distribute educational materials to 50 of the children of Shivalya Lower Secondary School, Lahara pauwa Rasuwa who had lost their houses and their education material including books, copies, pen, dress, school bags etc in the ‘Gorkha Earthquake’.

Budget Planning of Village Child Club Network

Nawalparasi – 19th January 2014

Jagriti Child and Youth Concern Nepal, Village Child Club Network and Pragatinagar VDC -Nepal’s first child- friendly VDC- have jointly organized planning conference, child club program, which evokes children’s talent and assembled the formulation of plans for the fiscal year 2070/71. The program was chaired by Pratima Dhakal, president of Village Child Club Network and Jagriti Child Club and was facilitated by Shanti Bhusal, Secretary of child network and welcomed by Saugat Bhusal, one of the members of the network.

Altogether 50 children of 20 child clubs in Pragatinagar VDC have participated in the program. These child clubs have presented their plan after conducting discussion among themselves. The meeting committed on passing propositions of child clubs from VDC to Ileka and finally to District Council. Meanwhile, during the program children were divided into two groups. One group brought up their likes and dislikes of their daily activities; and other group dealt with what improvements they want to see in coming five years through thoughtful drawings. Children shared their views about budget; they articulated that budget should be distributed for girls and boys separately in all schools.

They also implored budget for children parks, adequate toilets, child-meeting program, training, playing materials, office management, clean drinking water, help in publication of Bal-Indreni, informative hoarding board, and launching libraries. Apart from this, Mr. Tilottam Paudel, founder of JCCN stated that rights of child should be ensured in country’s new constitution. He added that if child rights are not ensured Pragatinagar VDC and other stakeholders’ tireless efforts of more than two decades would not be sustainable.

At the end of the program, they thank all who have helped for making Pragtinagar as Nepal’s only child-friendly VDC. Mr. Khimananda Bhusal, child club facilitator; Govinda Khanal, VDC Secretary; Tilottam Paudel, President Jagriti Child and Youth Concern Nepal; Roseena Gautam of JCYCN and Parshuram Panta of UNICEF were presented in the program.

An interaction program on the Role of Stakeholders in Protecting Rights of Girl Child

Kathmandu – December 1st, 2013

An interaction program on the Role of Stakeholders in Protecting Rights of Girl Child

On the occasion of International Day of Girl Child, 2013, Jagriti Child and Youth Concern Nepal (JCYCN) organized an interaction program on “The Role of Stakeholders in Protecting Rights of Girl Child” in Kathmandu on December 1, as part of its solidarity campaign for protecting the rights of girl child.

Girl child in South Asia are the most vulnerable group of population in terms of equality to education, health, nutrition, sanitation, opportunities and access to resources. The cases of female feticide, child marriage, household helper, sexual harassment, and physical and psychological trauma are common among the South Asian girl children and Nepal is not much different than any other South Asian countries. Hence, in order to bring about changes in the situation of Girl child in Nepal, JCYCN has initiated this campaign. It was organized in collaboration with the Garden of Hope Foundation, Taiwan, ESDO Nepal, Child Nepal, HRELIC Nepal, Youth Coordination Centre, Kuleshwor Awash School, Co-operation for Poverty, YUFA, YES Nepal, Asmita Nepal, Y-PEER Nepal, E-NepalKhabar Online, VAROSA, Youth SAF, HUREIC, and Association for Good Governance.

The honorary chief guest for the programme was Mr. Rameshwor Phuyal, the newly elected Constituent Assembly member from Kathmandu constituency-3. Other guests for the programme included Mr. Subodh Raj Pyakurel, president, Informal Sector Service Centre (INSEC), Ms. Bimala Gyawali, President, CWISH, Ms. Saaradha Timilsina, Programme Officer, Central Child Welfare Committee, and Mr. Krishna Subedi, President, Child Nepal. The Programme was facilitated by Mr. Tilottam Paudel, President, JCYCN. As well as, four of the winners, from various schools of Kathmandu, of an essay competition organized by JCYCN to mark the International Day of Girl Child were awarded.  There were 80 participants and concerned stakeholders representing 25 organizations participated in the programme where Ms. Bimila Gyawali presented a paper regarding “Situation of Girl Child in Nepal: A Needed Debate”.The total participants of the program were 73. Out of total participants, 35 were female, and 38 were male. One of the participants was differently-able. Likewise, 3 participants were Dalits and 9 were Janajatis.

On the ending note, Mr. Tilottam Paudel stated that an educated girl child is a pillar of a prosperous family; if rights of the girl child are ensured at present, her future will be secured. The present girl children are the future half of the population of the nation. Hence, the protection of their rights to education, health, sanitation, nutrition will leads to the prosperity of nation in future, taking under the consideration the fact that women’s overall mental, physical and psychological development leads to the development of any nation.

One Day Workshop on Girl Child Rights with School Student and Women Groups at Nasikasthan VDC of Kavre District

6st December, 2013, Kavre

One day workshop, was organized by JCYC Nepal in coordination with a local school namely Jagriti Lower Lowere Secondary School, has been organized on December 6, 2013 to focus on the “Girl Child Rights with school student and women group” The target population of the program was class eight students of Jagriti Lower Secondary School.

Stakeholders of the program included the school, local leaders, civil society members, school management committee, and teachers, local mother groups. The program was facilitated by Mr. Tilottam Paudel, Mr. Roshan Lama and Mr. Bhuwan Paudel where 49 participants including school children, parents and school teachers participated. At the end of the program Mr. Raju Basnet, Principal of Shree Jagriti Lower Secondary School, thanked all the participants and organizers.

As part of the program, an existing child club was resurrected under the presidency of Ms. Ramita Lama. Participants for the program included Sabitri Lama, president of local mother group, Mr. Jeet Bhadur Tamang, local social worker and parents. They discussed about the measures to protect girl child rights and community development measures.

The facilitators facilitated about issues such as child rights and parents, child club and the role of teachers to promote child rights. Additionally, one of the organizers stated that despite its geographical proximity to the capital city and access to road, wards numbers 7, 8 and 9 of Nasikasthan VDC are extremely backward in education, sanitation and health. On the other hand, the majority of inhabitants in these wards are Tamangs. Lastly, he stated in order to improve the livelihood of the people residing in these wards, all the concerned stakeholders need to work together. Parents, students, and teachers of local Shree Jagriti Lower Secondary School have attended the program. There were total of 52 participants.

There were 29 male and 23 female. Out of 29 male, 9 were minor school boys and remaining 20 were adults. Likewise, 15 girls participants were minor school students, and remaining 8 were adult female. Out of total attendees, 43 participants were Janajatis from Tamang community, 24 participants were students, and 9 participants were Brahmin/Chhetri. However, no dalit attended the program because it was tamang predominant area.

The predominant residence of Nasikastan VDC is Tamang, one of the Janajatis listed by government of Nepal. Consuming alcohol is both socially and culturally acceptable for them. Normally, they brew alcohol at home and consume excessively during festivals and social functions. Consumption of alcohol and fighting in a family are directly co-related. Usually fighting ends in wife getting beat up and children being neglected and have to witness fights daily. In such scenario, girl child of the family ends up looking household chores including looking after her siblings.

Therefore, to address and to minimize such issues JCYCN in coordination with a local school namely Jagriti Lower Secondary School has organized a one day workshop on December 6, 2013 on the girl child rights issue. The workshop focused girl child rights. Stakeholders like students, parents, teachers, and local leaders have attended the program. On the same time, a child club at the very school has also been formed. Teachers, members of local mother group and students themselves have welcomed this leap.

Participants of the program including girls, mothers, teachers and community leaders have presented their solidarity to raise voices against any kind of violation of girl child rights in their respective community and family. In the mean time, in order to percent the possible violation of the rights, they will disseminate the information they have acquired regarding the protection and assurance of girl child rights. This in turn results in a peaceful childhood for a girl child in absence of violence and any kind of harassment in the society.

One Day Workshop on Girl Child Rights to mark an International Day of Girl Child-2013

6th October – 2013, Pragatinagar, Nawalparasi

One Day workshop program was organized in Pragatinagar VDC, Nawalparasi on the occasion of International day of girl child, 2013. The program was organized by Jagriti Child and Youth Concern Nepal (JCYCN), Pragatinagar VDC, Jagriti Child Club and Eco-Social Development Organization (ESDO) Nepal with financial support of The Garden Hope Foundation.

The program proceeded under the presidency of Pratima Dhakal, President of Pragatinagar Child Clubs Network and the chief guest for the program was Mr. Arman Miya general secretary of district child clubs network. Mr. Tilottam Poudel president of Jagriti Chid and Youth Concern (JCYC) Nepal facilitated the program. Ms. Yogita Bhusal, secretary of Jagriti Child Club welcomed the participants and guests As well as Deepak Sharma general secretary, JCYC Nepal, Debaki Acharya, program Coordinator JCYC Nepal, Khimananda Bhusal Volunteer Consultant of the Child Friendly VDC Pragatinagar and social worker of Pragatinagar VDC and Teacher had facilitated the serially different season. Meanwhile, 55 children from 20 child clubs participated in the program. Almost children had rise the many issues of the girl child abuse in house, school, society, and other places also by the adult, relatives, teachers etc.

All the participants agreed upon the need of separate toilet and changing room for girls in schools, regular health checkups for girls at school and at household level. As well as, the problems such as the different treatment of children in household based upon gender, trafficking of children were highlighted by the participants and asked for the elimination of these discriminations from household and from society. As well as they also committed to share their knowledge in house, peer group and other child clubs members. On the concluding note, facilitator of the program Mr. Tilottam Poudel, emphasises the role of child clubs to protect the rights of girl child and to end all kinds of discrimination against children based upon gender.

Free Health Camp Organized for Children in Kathmandu

6th September 2013, Kathmandu

To mark the National Children Day and International Day of Girl Child 2013, a free health camp was organized in Neel Barahi Higher secondary School at Tankeswor, Kalimati on 6th September 2013. It was organized by Eco Social Development Organization Nepal. The program was organized in-order to provide free health services to the students and to raise awareness to their families regarding the importance of at least bi-yearly health checkups.

This event was co-organized by Jagriti Child and Youth Concern Nepal, Neel Barahi Higher Secondary School, Patan Community Eye Center, and Asian Resource Foundation (ARF). In the meantime, 250 students, including staff members participated and benefited from the event; among them were 102 male children, 114 male children, 10 adult female and 12 adult male. Many students were diagnosed with health issues such as Gastritis, Chest-infection, Skin infections, Menstruation irregularity, ENT infections, Fever, Common Cold, and High Blood Pressure, and medicine were distributed on free. The event was coordinated by Mr.Chetan Joshi. Due to the joint effort and active participation of health practiceners such as; Dr. Monhar Shaiyed (senior doctor at Manmohan Teaching Hospital and president of ARF Nepal). Dr. Pragya Karmacharya (consultant pediatrician of Manmohan Hospital), Dr. Ram Prabodh Mandal, Dr. Ramita Maharjan, Dr. Renu Khayamali and Dr. Quresh Ali and other volunteers of ESDO-Nepal, Neel Barahi Teacher’s team make this event a successful one.

According to one of the doctors, most of the students were from poor family background and were very eager to talk about their psychological and physical growth. Girls talked about the menstruation problem and other adolescence changes while boys talked about their growth and psychological problems. All in all, it can be concluded that the event was quite fruitful.

Before the event was formally concluded, a short certificate distribution was held as an expression of gratitude to all the participants which was disseminated by the program coordinator Mr. Chetan Joshi. Mrs. Januka Nepal, the principal of the school, appreciated all the efforts comprehended by the organizer, partners, participants and focused on doing such event in other government funded schools as well. Finally as an ending note, Mr. Tillotam Paudel gave a short appreciation speech on behalf of the organizer.

Interaction program on child right and child participation

1st June 2013, Nawalparasi

One day interaction program on ‘Child Right and Child participation program was successfully completed in Nabal English boarding school at Pragatinagar, Navalparasi. It was jointly organized by Jagriti Child and Youth Concern Nepal(JCYCN), HRELIC Nepal, SAMATA Nepal and Eco-social development organization (ESDO) Nepal.

A total of 72 pupils from 12 schools including 31 male and 41 female actively participated in the program which run for five hours. Primary focus of the program wedged on issues of child right, child Participation, child forum and its role.

Mr.Tillotam Paudel and Mr. Dipak Sharma facilitated the program under the presidency of Ms. Pratibha Dhakal with the welcome speech by Ms. Yogita Bhusal. All the participants echoed regarding program being beneficial for their personality development, aware themselves of their rights and they will share the knowledge with their friends.

Interaction Program on “Girl Child Situation in Nepal and Stakeholders’ Role to Empower Girl” held successfully at AYON Premises

Kathmandu, October 11, 2012

On the occasion of the UN international Day of the Girl Child, interaction program was held in the premise of the Association of Youth Organization Nepal (AYON) in 11th October 2012. The program was organized by Jagriti Child and Youth Concern Nepal (JCYCN), Child Workers in Nepal (CWIN), Youth safe Nepal. At that program 35 Youth were participated from the different background and they exchange their ideas and knowledge.

On December 19, 2011, the United Nations General Assembly adopted to declare October 11 as the International Day of the Girl Child, to recognize girls’ rights and the unique challenges girls face around the world. IN Nepal the girl’s population is around 3.64 million. This program is also most important for the country like ours due to the lowest rating of the girls in different indicators of the development and status. So the program was organised with the objectives of celebrating the day and interacting with youths for the discussion of the issues related to the situation of girls child in Nepal and role of stake holder for girls empowerment.

The interaction program was based on the discussion on different issues related to girls in group between the youths for presenting their views and to point out the burning issues regarding the problem of the girls in Nepal. Total 35 participants of the various youth organization participated in program.

Chief Guest of the program Mr.Devraj Bharwaj president of Association of Youth Organization Nepal (AYON) highlighted on the girl’s day celebration its relevancy and need for celebration and focused on celebrating the spirit of the day. Ms. Kaplan Rai presented data about the Girl Child of the Nepal, information and static related to girl child. Then discussion was done with group division and presentation of the group views. Discussion on the topic and findings of the group discussion. President of JCYCN.

president of JCYCN Mr.Tilottam Paudel was further explained on the matter through the Presentation of the issues in different country and Nepal related to girls from the report of plan international, explaining the root causes of issue and solutions and presenting different data’s and contemporary practices in Nepal.

During the interaction the causes of the backwardness of the girls in Nepal are identified as social problem due to cultural injustice, illiteracy, social patriarchal thought, Nepalese social structure, poverty, superstition from past, failure of government in implementation of program lunched for girl’s welfare.  This is causing social disparity in terms of using of rights, and basic needs fulfillment, sexual harassment, no opportunity for personality development and decision making for her and regarding family and social affairs.

The discussion suggested different solutions for addressing the problems. Most of the participants agreed on the point of initiation from individual for contribution, change in social thinking regarding gender inequality, initiation from social institution like home, schools and other social settings, the active role should be played by stakeholders like government, and different  organization formed for child girls welfare.

The program was highly interactive and fruitful in the context of day’s celebration due to participation of more numbers of girl’s participants and presenting the real experiences. This is the very first time that youth volunteers has initiated such types of programs which is itself a step towards the days spirit. In sum the program was highly effective in terms of participation and interaction. This also helps in the process of  giving pressure on the policy making level by forcing to address the issues and points generated on program through camping and motivating  other individuals for the sake of girls welfare.

If you empower girls you empower the world, and if you invest in girls you invest in the future! All the participants at different places were also given special pink ribbons symbolizing the day, specially sent from Taiwan by Garden of Hope Foundation.

Child Club won the National Game on Taekwondo

(14th April 2012, Tikathali, Lalitpur), Paluwa Child Club Tikathali, Kathmandu is the one child club, which was established with the initiation of JCYCN and Advocate Shantos Rana. Member of child Club Muna Bhomjon (17 Years) and Susma Bhonjan (15 Years) was success to get the gold Medal in the 6th National Taekwondo game in Tikapur, Kailali. They are the same house sister. 14th April 2012 Paluwa Child Club and local community organized the honor program for them. Child Club children can success in their life. JCYCN president Tilottam Paudel was participant on that program. Child Club is encourage those children and JCYCN always encourage those kinds of children and child clubs.

Promoting Child Friendly Village in Nawalparasi

(19th april 2012, Nawalparasi ) Child Friendly VDC promote program was successfully completed in Pragatinagar VDC of Nawalparasi District, which was jointly organized by Pragatinagar V DC, Jagriti Child and Youth Concern Nepal (JCYCN), CWIN and Bes Nepal Palpa. During that program, they mentioned the important role of teachers to make the child friendly VDC. The program cheer person is V.D.C. Member Dolraj Chapagain and President of JCYCN Mr. Tilottam Paudel was delivers the welcome speech short information about the progrem. That program was facilitated by Program Officer of CWIN, Subharaj Pokharel and Program Officer of Bes Nepal Mr. Shalik Ram Pokharel and teacher Mr. Khimanada Bhusal. They focus to good social status of student, child right, child protection and the role of teacher is very much important to make the child friendly environment. Altogether 60 Teachers from 15 different schools were participated. After the discussion, the teacher of Nawalparasi tries to make Pragatinagar V.D.C as a Model VDC to developing towards child. To be memorable, Jagriti Child Club is the 1st Child Club of Nepal. That was established in Pragatinagar on 1991. In order to keep their good fame in Pragatinagar as well as in whole Nepal, different 24 Child Club, 15 mother’s groups, guardians are regularly involved to develop in this field.