Training on Capacity Building of Children and Youths in Environment Protection, Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction

24th June 2015

Devchuli Municipality

A seven days long training and campaign on capacity building of children and youths on Climate Change, Environment Conservation, Disaster Risk Reduction and Sustainable Development and “The Plastic Free Campaign” was successfully held at Nawalparasi from 16th of June to 22nd of June 2015.  The training and campaign was jointly organized by JCYCN and Eco-Social Development Organization (ESDO) Nepal in coordination with District Development Committee, Devchuli Municipality, District Sport Development Committee, Pragatinagar Community Library, Youth for Change, Yuvalaya and Jagriti Child Club, in a support of Government of Nepal of Youth and Sports Ministry.

JCYCN has been organizing Youth Partnership Program in collaboration with the Ministry of Youth and Sport since last five years.

A total of 70 participants participated in the training including 10 youth clubs, 2 women groups, and 18 child clubs. The training was conducted in two shifts where games, discussions, exercises and presentations were conducted by the trainers. The trainers included Mr. Tilottam Poudel, president of JCYC Nepal Mr. Dipak Sharma General Secretary JCYC Nepal, and Mr. Khimananda Bhusal, consultant for Child friendly municipality, Sushila Regmi, environmental officer Devchuli Municipality. The trainers discussed about the roles of the children and the youths in their community and talked about the concepts of Environment, Climate Change, sustainable development and Disaster including conservation of environment, impacts of climate change and disasters also the measures to be taken before and after any disasters along with the peace and justice. Along with that the training included the orientation on the “No Use of Plastic” and its diverse impact on human life and the environment. In the opening day the stakeholders and political parties have nodded for providing needed assistance and support to make Devchuli Municipality environment friendly and plastic bag free municipality of Nepal.

Participants actively participated in all of the group works and group discussions and were highly motivated to explore their own potentials on the topic.  During the training both children and youth seemed to be keenly interested in the subject matter while they highly acknowledged the training stating that it is inevitable for everybody to understand the concepts, conservation of environment, take measures and enhanced preparedness for any disasters.

Besides, a door-to-door awareness program was also organized during the training where participants visited 1500 households of both the municipalities, distributed 20000 flyers in-scripted with awareness regarding environmental cleanliness along with environmental protection, and is still going on as a campaign in various social media sites. Also, a campaign of reduction in the use of plastic bags was organized with a slogan of “stop using plastic bags, use your own bags” and 15 dustbins were distributed to 15 of the schools of Devchuli municipality. In the end of the program a discussion program was organized to discuss about the measures to be undertaken to make Devchuli Municipality environmental friendly, an action plan was formulated and was handed over to the stakeholders. As a result, the stakeholders and political parties have nodded for providing needed assistance and support to make Devchuli Municipality environment friendly and plastic bag free municipality of Nepal.

Nepalese participation in IYPF (International youth Peace fest) 2013: A remarkable participation in International arena

The world today is facing different conflict related problems making the world unsafe to live. The thirst for the peace is growing day by day to make the world a safer place to live with diverse people having with different interest. we the people residing in the world are doing the activity against the peace and humanity sometime in the name of religion and many more time in the name of culture and tradition, as Mahatma Gandhi said there is no other means of peace except peace itself, in this very situation an leading NGO named YUVSATTA working in the field of peace promotion organized “International Youth Peace Fest 2013”, from September 28th to 2nd October. There were 13 delegates from Nepal attended the program, and the team was lead by Kamal Kafle JCYCN and Smrita Laxmi Shakya, member of ESDO Nepal Jagriti Youth and Child Concern Nepal (JCYCN) which is also the international partner of the YUVSATTA. The team comprised of player, lawyer, professor, child club member, media person, volunteer and students.

Every year since 2011 JCYCN has managed to participate in International youth peace festival. In 2011, 30 participants from Nepal participated in the festival initiated by JCYCN, in 2012, 18 participants participated in the festical likewise, in 2013, 13 participants participated in the program including ESDO Nepal as well. Becoming a part of the comprehensive program like international youth peace festival presented an outstanding chance to learn about the cultures that were practiced across the globe. During the program Nepali delegates promoted the Buddha’s teaching regarding peace.  likewise, distributed the pamphlets, posters and CDs’ that contained information regarding the natural beauty of Nepal

Participant from Nepal showed traditional dance, which was one of the major attraction for the whole program as well as various dresses representing diverse population of Nepal and the flag were also an attraction point. Dainik Bhaskar one of the largest selling news paper covered the news about the cultural dance of Nepal which was fore sure a proud moment for the nepali participants as well as for Nepal.

Along with this Nepalese delegates have take participated in the discussion being based in the following themes during IYPF 2013:

  1. Volunteering a medicine or a way of life?
  2. Focus on the girl child towards a different world.
  3. green citizens – exploring a new joy of living
  4. Peace dialogue and youth aspiration.

After having the discussion and recommendation a resolution was passed in the conference and decided forward it to the United Nation as well as to the head of nations of the participating countries to pressurize the governments of the respective countries for promoting sustainable peace.

International Youth Day Celebrated – August, 2013

16 August 2013, Pragatinagar, Nawalparasi

Every year on 12th August, International Youth Day is celebrated around the world. This year it was celebrated with a slogan of “Youth Migration: Moving Development Forward”. An interaction program was organized in Nawalparasi to commemorate the day. The interaction program was jointly organized by Jagriti Child and Youth Concern Nepal (JCYCN), Pravasi Nepali Coordination Committee (PNCC) and ARF-Nepal. There were 45 female and 38 male participants presented in the program. This program was hosted by, General secretary of JCYCN Mr. Deepak Sharma and chaired by President of JCYCN. Mr. Tilottam Paudel.

Participants discuss regarding the situation of migrants youth and challenges and raising awareness regarding it. Everyday nearly 1500 youth left Nepal in search of employment opportunities abroad. According to national statistics there are 3 million youth working outside the country however, various data from various organizations show that there are almost 5 million youth being employed outside the country. Among them, most of the migrant youth are working as manual labour. On that context, participants state that pragatinagar is no exception and express their concern on lack of employment opportunities within Nepal. All the participants express their solidarity on creating employment opportunity within the country. Additionally, all the youth opting for aboard migration needed to be provided with skills, needed language facilitation and information about the work and its related challenges, salary and benefits. On that occasion, JCYCN had provided study materials for 21 school pupils were provided with in the assistance of ARF Nepal. In this program VDC chairperson and others community representatives, political leader, stakeholders and others respected person’s were actively participated and committed the solidarity upon the topic.

On the ending note, Tilottam Poudel, President of JCYCN, stated that if possible youth should always prioritize self employment within the country if not, foreign employment should be choose based upon the information available about the job, payment benefits, needed skills, country of destination. He further praised PNCC work to ensure the best practices to follow in the field so as to ‘Creating Friendly and Dignified Environment for Migrant Workers’.

End of the program all the stake holders, political parties and all respected representatives of the program’s was committed the solidarity on this related topic of the migration issues to prevent and make a opportunity for the youth in our own mother land. As well as they also fiercely emphasize for the migrant workers security and protection.

On the same occasion  Association of Youth Organization Nepal (AYON) and Ministry of Youth and Sport was held the blood donation, rally, interaction, dream sharing and other activities. On that program JCYCN is actively participated and support on this program. JCYCN is also the member organization of AYON.

On the same occasion  Association of Youth Organization Nepal (AYON) and Ministry of Youth and Sport was held the blood donation, rally, interaction, dream sharing and other activities. On that program JCYCN is actively participated and support on this program. JCYCN is also the member organization of AYON.

JCYCN Volunteer, Mr. Bashyal Return Nepal after completion of his 10 months Intern in The May 18 Foundation, Korea.

As a regular program of The May 18 Memorial Foundation South Korea, Mr. Deepak Prasad Bashyal was selected as an intern for 2012. It was a life changing experience ever working with May 18 Memorial Foundation. During the 10 month intern period he learned many aspects of Korean history, culture, struggle for democracy, economic development, human rights and civil society status of South Korea. Besides that he got an opportunity to learn about democracy and human rights situation in Asia as well as across the world, and now he returned in Nepal to implement his knowledge and experiences that he gained during 10 months of internship in May 18 Foundation.During his intern period, he worked with Korean youth as a team leader for volunteer management and adult advisor for May 18 Peacejam ambassadors program, and according to him that was one of the best moments for him being a youth. As a least developed country’s youth, he had a dream to work with developed country’s youth and wanted to know their perception towards their society and his dream is now fulfilled working with multicultural, multiracial and different behavioral  team.

According to him, he is inspired by the cooperation, coordination and support of the people there. “I found that South Korea is in today’s position within very short period because of the hardworking citizens. They always love to work in the team with proper time management as they believe team makes the efforts more than individual. Also they always respect the rules and regulation which we should learn from them if we really willing to develop our country”; he stated in his own words.

Talking with JCYCN team, Mr. Bashyal assured that he will always do his best to spread and utilize the gained knowledge for the betterment of society. Also he suggest all the youths to create/develop willingness of doing something within them for the social change. He added “we are change makers; let’s start from own self and make a commitment to work in a team”.

He also express that he always feel proud to be a part of JCYCN and like to thank Mr. TilottamPaudel and JCYCN team for promoting, encouraging and motivating the youths for their career and competency development and for the socio-economy development of the nation.

Background of Mr. Bashyal: Mr. Bashyal is a full time employee of HosteHainse Nepal and serving there as a Program Coordinator, he has also been serving JCYCN since 6 years as a volunteer staff supporting different management activities, providing training, workshops. Mr. Bashyal is one of the valuable assets of JCYCN

Interaction on “Role of Youth Peace Builder on Contemporary Situation of Nepal” held successfully

6th April, 2013

A one day interaction programme among the youth representatives of diverse sectors and the participants from AMAN, ARF and ARF Nepal’s previous trainings and workshops on Youth for Peace (YFP) and School of Peace and Conflict Studies was held successfully with the presence of different personalities from different institutions. The programme was initiated by JCYCN and jointly organized by ARF Nepal, Volunteer Aid, YCC, UN-Nepal, HRELIC-Nepal, Youth Safe.

The objective of the programme was to bring the youths together in a common forum and discuss about the contribution they can make in contemporary situation of Nepal. Further, the event was also to share about the learned skills and knowledge of the participants in international trainings and workshops provided by AMAN and ARF.

The programme, where, 15 participant came from the ARF, YCCI and JCYCN’s previous programs participant and 10 were from IYPF and 5 from other organization, almost fifty five youths were participated. On that program was chaired by the president of JCYC-Nepal Mr. Tilottam Paudel and Human Right activist Mr. Krishna Gauttam was the chief guest for the event. The latter is affiliated with Informal Service Sector (INSEC), an organization working on human rights issues all over Nepal and also with the NGO federation of Nepal. Further the meeting had a representation of Mr. Kiran Bohora from ARF Nepal. Mr. Gauttam who has been working on human rights for a decade shared about the updates of human rights in Nepal and further urged that youths have a lot more role to promote peace and harmony in society. Chief Guest also discussed about the emerging political challenges in Nepal. More youths were seen curious to hear about the upcoming elections and role of youths mitigating the possible electoral violence in the country. They were also concerned about the shrinking sovereignty of the country.

Following the presentation from the chief guest the participants of ARF/ AMAN international trainings shared about the relevance of peace and conflict transformation in Nepal. They shared how the international training has helped participants to analyze the peace initiatives in the country. As shared by a participant Mr. Manoj Pandey who attended youth for peace workshop organized by AMAN and ARF on December 2012 at Bangkok, “the training workshop has helped understanding the broader theme of conflict and peace and also the role of youths in Peacebuilding. Participation of youths from different countries of Asia provided youth deeper understanding of the context of their respected countries.

The meeting also brainstormed about the possible training that the participants from AMAN and ARF training could deliver for the youths affiliated with different organizations of Nepal. The date for the training would be finalized soon with the planning from JCYC Nepal and ARF-Nepal.

As well as on that program International Peace Festival, Chandrighar, India Nepali Participant also participated and share their views also. Kuldip Niraula, Sunita Maharjan, Hari Devkota, Neelam Devkota, Shantosh B.K., Ranjeeta K.C., Sujan Gauttam, Pratima Thapa, Manajwi Pyakurel, Rasmi Lamasal and Deepak Basyal was share their experience which was gain through the International and National Level training about youth, peace and others.

Over all the sharing meeting went productive and informative. Chairman Mr. Paudel informed that these types of programs need to be done in the near future. He will always playing pivotal role to connect young youth and will give them forum to speak their experiences and enhancing the knowledge for coming generation also.

Seminar on “career and life skill” targeting to youths, organized in different districts of Nepal

Country like Nepal occupying around 40% of youths on total population seems very impractical on providing career opportunities for youths. Only very few percentages of youths are involving on their business, and for the jobs of their skill, otherwise skilled persons are also situationally forced to do semi-skill and non-skill jobs in labor market. The larger volume is still unemployed and roaming here and there for seeking their career opportunities and their skills & competency development.

To develop skills, competencies and potentialities of the youths for their better career opportunities; life skill coach and trainers’ from Newzealand and Bangladesh were invited with the special initiation of Jagriti Child and Youth Concern Nepal (JCYCN) and with the coordination of Association of Youth Organization Nepal (AYON), HRELIC Nepal, CMDRR Forum Nepal and Presidential Business School to conduct seminar on “CAREER & LIFE SKILLS” in different districts of Nepal. The entire seminar and workshop sessions were effectively coordinated by Mr. Tilottam paudel, General Secretary of AYON and the President of JCYC Nepal.

With the theme “if you want you never had, than do something that you never have done”, seminars were organized in different universities, colleges and institutions of Kathmandu, Pokhara and Nawalparasi districts from 26th of Feb to 3rd of March 2013 targeting youths for their life-skill development and better career.

Life coach and youth development trainer, Mr. Ahmed Bari from NewZealand and Ms. Patricia Traishna Gomes & Ms. Zannatun Naeim Eshita from Bangladesh were the main facilitators and trainer in the seminar; who have discussed on the areas where the youth should focus and practice on their daily life. Like the focused areas of the seminar were encouraging and initiating youths for dreaming success, making career plans, setting career goals, developing skills and potentialities for success, understanding positive attitude, self esteem, motivation, leadership and time management; where moreover 500 youths were benefitted from the seminar.

The first seminar was organized by JCYCN and Community Managed Disaster Risk Reduction (CMDRR) Forum Nepal in Pargatinagar and in Jana Jyoti Higher Secondary School Nawalparasi on 26th and 27th Feb 2013 respectively; which was supported by Step Up Foundation Bangladesh, Concern Universal Bangladesh and Perfect Solution. Total 30 participants from 15 different organizations in Nawalparasi VDC along with Mr. Govinda Khanal, secretary of Pargatinagar VDC; Mr. Tilottam Paudel, president of JCYCN and other professionals were participated in the seminar.

Similarly JCYCN and HRELIC Nepal again organized seminar at Pokhara University and Janapriya Multiple Campus of Pokhara district on 28th of Feb and 1st of March 2013 respectively.  Moreover 200 youths from university and the college benefitted from the seminar. Dean of Pokhara University Dr. Indra Prasad Tiwari; Director Dr. Ananta Dhungana and Dr. Madhav Biyogi, campus chief or Janapriya Multiple Campus made the seminar more memorable by distributing certificates to the participants.

On 2nd and 3rd March 2013, Seminar was conducted in Kathmandu at the premises of Presidential Business School, the Seminar was jointly organized by JCYCN and AYON targeting youths from business schools, organizations and institutions. Around 100 participants were participated on 3rd march SUPERB & ROCKING Career and Life Skill Session at Presidential Business School. They were highly excited and motivated throughout the workshop by discovering the hidden potentialities inside them. Career Coach and Trainer Mr. Ahmed Bari and his associates made the more realistic and lively. Also, Mr. Devraj Bhardwaj, President of AYON has made the session more memorable by distributing certificates to the participants of 3rd March Seminar and workshop.

Nepali Visitors Returns Home after the Eight Days Study Visit Program in BRAC Centre Bangladesh

Sunday, 21 October- 2012

BRAC invited Nepalese Social workers to BRAC Centre Bangladesh for the Study Visit Purpose from 13th to 20th October, 2012. They visited different adolescent programs, pre-primary, primary and secondary schools, different Kishori Clubs in the different sectors of the Bangladesh, and finally they attended meeting in BRAC centre with senior staffs of BRAC with the purpose to share experience, learning and feedback from the program.

Total four members from JCYCN advisory board, executive committee and Sports and Youth Ministry of Nepal were headed Bangladesh on 13th October, 2012. They first visited Uttara Learning Centre of BRAC where adolescent; women’s and economically disadvantage people were empowered by different trainings.  Similarly, on the second day they visited BRAC innovative school “Boat School” which was newly operated in 2012 to provide education to the children of those areas where lands are covered with water and no other schools are exists. Meanwhile they also watch awareness drama on early marriage and its impact on health by Kinder Garden Students in Comilla district and at the same moment they also meet with female cricket team in Chittagong promoted by BRAC.

On that day, they stayed in Chittagong BLC, so that they could visit BRAC pre-primary schools and primary schools of that area; where they found unique teaching methodologies. Every class has one teacher appointed and that teacher teaches all the subjects on practical basis and even on every month BRAC health program assist to check student’s health and may be that could be the reason of full attendance of students in their class.

The next day, they again headed towards COX’s Bazar to visit different BRAC adolescent programs and Mother Groups. When Nepalese team visited mothers group in Hindu Para area, they saw a very practical way of mother group gathering and discussing so interactively to share their issues and to discuss and solve the adolescent problems in their areas. They didn’t not even felt uncomfort when they were discussing on sex related issues. Similarly at the same moment, whey they visited Kishori clubs, they found the same that every members were so interactive and confident on talking about the adolescent issues. When Nepalese team knew that there are total 8017 Kishori Clubs ran and supported by BRAC, they appreciate BRAC on such activities of giving platform to explore themselves for their own development. Meanwhile, Nepalese team also celebrate fun in the Cox’s area were they made un-forgettable moments. They celebrate a bit of fear on sitting near the beach with high waves at the night time and a bit of fear on speed boating in the big sea in COX’s Bazar, and also walking and watching sun set from the sea beach; those were some memorable time for Nepalese team in Bangladesh.

Beside these activities, Nepalese team also promotes Nepal and its mesmerizing historical places, when they visited different programs of BRAC. They provide historical pictures of Lumbini, Bhaktapur Darbar Square, Patan Dhoka, and also some religious pictures of Nepal as a gift to promote Nepal and its historical places.

Finally, after visiting different adolescent programs, pre-primary, primary and secondary schools, different adolescent Clubs in the different sectors of the Bangladesh, they finally attended meeting in BRAC Centre with senior staffs of BRAC with the purpose to share experience, learning and feedback from the program; where Mr. Prakash Dhakal, Executive Member of JCYCN gave a presentation about some major activities of JCYCN and about the education, economic and employment conditions of Nepal, meantime he also focused on inviting BRAC human capitals to visit magnetizing places of Nepal.

At the same moment, Dr. Kashim Shah, board of advisory of JCYCN shared some experience and gave feedback about the program and finally the program was concluded after Mr. Tilottam Paudel, Chairperson of JCYCN provided Token of Friendship to the concern person of BRAC.

At the same day in evening, Nepalese team were invited for the dinner party at Rashida Praveen’s house, Manager in BRAC, where they enjoyed sharing their informal experiences, moments and events during Bangladesh. Some Nepalese Participants were really enjoyed having sea food first time there. Even it really was a different taste for them; they enjoyed it having more and more.

Officially, BRAC is now a new partner for JCYCN. Before Nepalese social workers visited Bangladesh, JCYCN facilitated three teams with total sixteen members from BRAC, who visited Nepal officially with the purpose to visit different youth’s organizations, clubs and to visit mesmerizing and magnetizing places.

A four days training on Capacity Building of Children and Youths on Climate Change, Environment Conservation and Disaster Risk Reduction concluded

23 June 2012, Nawalparasi

A four days long training on capacity building of children and youths on Climate Change, Environment Conservation and Disaster Risk Reduction at Nawalparasi was concluded on 23rd of June.  The training was organized by JCYCN in coordination with District Development Committee, Youth Information Centre and Jagriti Child Club, Nawalparasi in a support of Government of Nepal of Youth and Sports Ministry from 20th of June to 23rd of June 2012 at Pragatinagar. The training was jointly inaugurated by Chief Officer of District Sports Development Committee, Mr. Keshav Regmi; VDC Secretary of Pragatinagar, Mr. Govinda Khanal; and VDC Secretary of Pithauli VDC, Mr. Krishna Paudel on the 20th of June.

Total sixty participants including both the children and the youths from different child clubs and youth clubs participated on the training. The training was conducted in two shifts where games, discussions, exercises and presentations were applied by the trainers. The trainers Mr. Tilottam Poudel, Mr. Bidhya Sagar Pandey, Mr. Dipak Sharma and Ms. Gyan laxmi Shrestha facilitated the training. The trainers discussed about the roles of the children and the youths in their community and talked about the concepts of Environment, Climate Change, sustainable development and Disaster including conservation of environment, impacts of climate change and disasters also the measures to be taken before and after any disasters.

The participants actively participated in every group works and group discussions whereas they were highly motivated to explore their own potentials on the topic.  During the training both of the children and the youths seemed to be keenly interested in the subject matter while they highly acknowledged the training telling that it is inevitable for everybody to understand the concepts, preservation of environment, take measures and get well prepared for any disasters. A cleaning programme was also organized on the surrounding of the training center. All of the children and youths including the trainers made their active involvement in the cleaning with the thought of need of a start from within to educate the community regarding any good work.

During the closing, the certificates were distributed to all of the sixty participants by the Chief District Officer, Mr. Bir Bahadur Rai whereas dustbins were handed over to Forest Group, Drinking water Committee and the VDC of Pragatinagar with the motive of proper waste management.  The children and the youths from different child clubs and youth clubs presented their talents in the form of poems, songs and plays regarding environment protection, clean-up, climate change, sustainable development, child rights and their roles in their own community including bad effects of smoking.

The programme was chaired by the president of Jagriti Child Club, Pragatinagar Mr. Raju Khatri along with the CDO, Mr Bir bahadur Rai;  DSP, Mr Mukunda Maraasini; Programme Officer of CWIN, Mr. Sagar Pradhan; Programme coordinator of CWIN, Ms Rashmila Shakya; President of AYON, Mr. Pradeep Pariyar; Officer of District Child Welfare Board, Nawalparasi; Mr. Rabi Gautam, Coordinatior of child friendly park construction committee, Mr. Narayan Dhakal; President of LIONS Club, Nawalparasi, Mr. Homnath Jaisi; Secretary of Nepal Teachers Union, Nawalparasi, Mr. Khimananda Bhusal; Mr. Udhyog Bahadur Shrestha from Nepali Congress; Mr. Hemanta Shrestha from Nepal Communist Party (UML); Mr. Jayanarayan Sapkota of Forest Group; Mr Nareswor Adhikari of Drinking water Committee; Mr. Arman Miya from District Child Club Coordination Committee; VDC Secretary of Pragatinagar, Mr. Govinda Khanal, and Mr Dilbahadur Shrestha, President of Pragatinagar Market Management Committee attended the closing programme. More than hundred of the participants including mothers group and other stakeholders attended the programme. An interaction was also done on the roles of the stakeholders. Speaking on the programme, the stakeholders agreed in Environment protection to be very crucial in terms of sustainable development while the climate change and its impacts and the disaster risks must be undertaken as a serious matter as all of them are common issues of the society hence the concept is needed to be understood and get ready to work together. They committed on working together for the same highlighting on the implementation of Climate change Policy, lessening the use of plastic products, proper waste management, protecting forest and applying the practices of plantation and seal deforestation. Adding to the agreement of the stakeholders, Ms. Yogita Bhusal, Member of Jagriti Child Club highlighted on the importance of such trainings and interactions to be equally important to the children, youths and other members of the community.

The closing programme was facilitated by Mr. Tilottam Paudel, and it was inaugurated by watering the plant by the DSP, Mr Mukunda Maraasini while welcome speech was given by Srijana Adhikari, vice president of JCYCN.

Discussion program held in Salyan

(22 April 2012 ,Salyan) Discussion Program was successfully completed on the topic of “Youth Situation and National Youth Policy” in Salyan District, which was jointly organized by JCYCN, Youth Information Center, Mission Nepal, District Youth Network.

Romharsh Bhandari is the cheer person of this program and announced by Shanty Bohora and welcomed speech was given by Bhagi Ram Rokka. During that program, the president of JCYCN, Tilottam Poudel says about the present life of Nepali youth and youth should be involved in making peace process, development and environmental protection. Altogether there involves 45 youths from 15 different youths clubs. They raise their voice to implement the youth policy and sustainable development. At last, they claim to the government that government cannot fulfill the youths requirement like giving them job opportunities, government doesn’t focus on health condition, HIV Aids, etc.

Discussion Program on Peace, Youth and Environment

(25th March 2012, Hungi, Palpa ) A one day discussion program was successfully completed regarding peace, youth and environment by the effort of JCYCN, CMDRR forum Nepal, Shree Krishana Gandaki Club and Base Nepal. President of JCYCN and CMDRR Forum Nepal, Mr. Tilottam Paudel was the chief guest in the discussion program, Executive Director of Base Nepal Mr. Shalikram Pandey, president of Shreekrishan youth club Mr. Narayan Dumrey, Secretary Mrs. Yugkumari Baishal, teachers from different of school, and members of different youth clubs discussed and suggested their views in the issue of peace, youth and environment.

Participants raised issues that environmental degradation is increasing with the development, lack of information is seen regarding National Youth Policy and Climate Change Policy in the rural parts of nation, the constitution making process is stuck without progress and in the program, altogether 40 youth and stake holders were participated and various commitment was made by them such as, planting 1500 trees within 6 month, to conduct awareness campaigning regarding Peace, Environment Protection and Cleanness and promoting organic farming. In the program, Mr. Tilottam Paudel explained need of role of youth in National Youth Policy, Climate Change Policy and Peace.

Interaction Program on Role of Youth for Peace Building and Environment Management

( 25th March 2012, Kapilvastu, Nepal) Jagriti Child and Youth Concern Nepal, Youth Partnership for Peace and Development Nepal, Ramechhap, CMDDR- Forum, Nepal and Multi-dimensional Service Center Nepal, Kabilvastu in a joint venture organized an interaction program on “Role of Youths for Establishing Peace and Environment Management” at Jaynagar, Gorusinghey, Kapilvastu.

The program was organized with an aim to identify and solve the problems of unresolved peace and development process and accelerating environmental pollution with rapid change in seasons, considering the present situation of the nation. To enhance the ability of youths in establishing sustainable peace in the community and environment management was another major objective of organizing this interaction program. The total number of participants was 34 with 23 female participants and 11 males.
The interaction program was initiated with the chairmanship of Bahuaayamik Sewa Kendra Nepal’s chairperson Shree Sita Neupane where the guest of honor was Mr. Tilottam Paudel, Chairman of CMDDR and founder president of Jagriti Child and Youth Concern Nepal. Other guests invited were the founder president of Youth Partnership for Peace and Development, Mr. Himal Mahat and Mr. Anup Pokhrel of Care Nepal. Besides, youths from different VDCs – Mahendrakot, Dubia, Buddi and Jaynagar showed their active participation in the interaction program.
The role of youth in identifying and solving the problems of unresolved peace building process in the nation and accelerating environment pollution with the rapid change in season were the topics put forward for the open discussion in the program. The participants also shared their learning experiences from the activities carried out in their respective places. They also shared their common opinion that every youth should show their commitment and active participation in solving the problem. While sharing his opinion, the Chief Guest Mr. Tilottam Paudel expressed that even though the peace in the present context is gradually spreading all over, it cannot be sustainable anyways. He further added that the environment is depleting which in turn is inviting several risks of season change. So, he recommended every Nepalese society, every youths and Nepal as a whole, to unite together to solve this serious problem. Lastly, thanking all the participants, the Chairperson of the program, Shree Sita Neupane suggested every youth to involve in the protection of environment and peace.

6th International Youth Peace Fest (IYPF) – 2011, Experience for Nepali Participants

Jagriti Child and Youth Concern Nepal (JCYC-Nepal) in association with Hindu Vidhyapeeth Nepal selected 30 youth members from different institutions in Nepal for the participation on International Youth Peace Fest (IYPF) – 2011 workshop organized by YUVSATTA (Youth for Peace) in peace city, Chandigarh from 27 September to 2 October 2011. Mr. Tilottam Paudel, President of JCYC-Nepal was leading Nepali participants for the entire program.

IYPF was started in 2006 with the total participation of 100 young people from India and Pakistan, and then it has grown over the years. In 2011, for the 6th International Youth Peace Fest, around 1000 participants from 16 countries were joined their hands to get involve in their community to make a difference in the issue of “Give Voice to Women”, “Youth Initiative on Climate Change & Environmental Challenges” and youth activism promoting non violence, spirit of volunteering and campaigning for a Barrier free World.

For the six days program, youths from Nepal along with other diverse participants were actively participated on different workshop and training sessions, different awareness campaigns, field visits and so many other activities organized for the IYPF – 2011. Also, Nepal showed the documentary video of Nepal Tourism Year 2011 during the session to the diverse international participants and invited them to visit Nepal once to experience the natural beauty of Nepal. Nepali team coordination institution JCYC-Nepal also managed the stall to exhibit and sale the handicraft made by handicap and victim women for their economic and financial support. Grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, Mr. Tushar Gandhi along with other professional personalities and international delegates were also visited the stall.
On the arrival day, Nepali participants were participated on the rally organized in the morning session for the celebration of the World Tourism Week-2011 along with the participation of international youth delegates and with local participants. Similarly on the same day, Nepali dancing group performs a group dance in the cultural evening, which was the prime attraction for the entire participants.
During the program, different international delegates including Nepali participants interacted and shared about their cultures and countries by partaking on cultural dance, singing and fashion show event. Also The American Gandhi Mr. Bernie Meyer and Mr. Donald McAvinchey motivated and inspired the local youths to follow mahatma’s ways to living with harmony with man and nature. At the same period, Nepali delegate also spread the message of peace on behalf of the 6th IYPF delegates.
Young participants’ change makers from different nations including Nepal distributed informative flairs to the common public in the campaign of raising awareness on the issue of climate change and vehicle free day, standing in the sun on important traffic light. They also actively participated on the awareness campaign for promoting public opinion for “Girl Child Friendly Society” with the theme of Save Child Girl and face painting campaign to raise the awareness on HIV and AIDS.
The concluding day of IYPF – 2011 started off with run for forest and wild life. After which the valedictory function was held at SD College, Union Cabinet Minister Mr. Pawan Kumar Bunsal delivered message of peace and honored the national and international participants for their contributions to realize the dream of barrier free world.
On Behalf of Nepal, Mr. Tillotam Paudel, President of JCYC-Nepal and Ms. Sharmila Ranabhat, young lecture of Tribhuvan University handed over the appreciation letter and token of love to Pramod Sharma, coordinator of YUVSATTA. Similarly, Mr. Hari Adhikari delivered the vote of thanks to the organizer and diverse participants of IYPF – 2011. Different youth participants from 16 countries gain the opportunity to share their culture, ideas and experience and passed together the freshness of new bonds beyond boundaries of race, religions and nationalities at the peace fest with the promise of new beginning. The delegates packed their bags to spread the message of peace with humanity and become a global citizen in thinking and action to secure the World.
The Peace Fest was the great learning experience for the Nepali participants. This Feast played catalyst role to learn about the importance of teamwork. Value of teamwork for making a difference and other learning experiences like: Expansion of Network to work for peace, security, education and environment; youth mobilization for sustainable development, Gender Inclusion; Volunteerism development & so many other learning tools for the individual development.

Youth Capacity Development Training Program

Youth Capacity Development Training programme was successfully completed on 21st July 2011. The five days of training had the objective of empowering youth on community development and climate change adaptation, jointly organized by Volunteer Aid Nepal and Jagriti Child and Youth Nepal. Training involved: power, youth policy, advocacy, leadership development, climate change, motivation and empowerment. Opening of the training was done by Deepak Sharma at 10am on 17th July and a short speech on motivation was conducted by VDC secretary, Rajendra Prasad Devkota. Training was done by Tilottam Paudel and Vidya Sagar Pandey and as a facilitator and Wasma Accram as a co- facilitator, she is the citizen of Kenya. It involved a total of 20 participants all in between the age group of 15 to 25.

Main Expectations of the participants were: how will the training help them? How will they be motivated? and about how to develop the youth in the there community, as well as factors affecting climate change.

The training methods were mind mapping, world café, action, planning action learning, and social styles. Tools used were SMART, ORID and SWOT. Participants did presentations on Mind mapping, action planning, social map and challenge model. In between each training method the participants would show there talents by presenting poems singing songs and dancing .Games were played by the participants for better interaction and to break the ice amongst each other. The youths made an action plan according to their vision and how to better the youth and develop the community.

To create awareness in the environment the youth did a practical project by planting around 100 trees and make the garden around the training vicinity and on the occasion of International youth year 2011.

Life Skill workshop in Nawalparasi

The difference between success and failure is small- but the impact is huge”- Ahmed Bari, Life Coach and Youth Development Trainer from New Zealand has highlighting the importance of understanding success in a daylong Life Skill workshop titled – “How to Become Successful in Education, Career and Life”for Youth at Pragatinagar, in Nawalparasi on 6th February 2012.

The participants were highly excited and motivated throughout the workshop by discovering the hidden potentials inside them. Using power point presentation, games and exercises the workshop facilitatorAhmed Bari and his associates Zannatun Eshita, ApnanJahan and Patricia Gomes, made the workshop a lively one and participants were highly appreciated during the feedback session regarding importance of this sort of workshop.

At the workshop the facilitators discussed on different areas where the youth should focus and practice everyday were- understanding success;characteristic of successful people; how to set goals, needs & dreams for success; understanding one’s abilities for success; the eight steps of success; important of positive attitude; improving skills for success and time management.

The workshop organized by Jagriti Child and Youth Concern Nepal (JCYCN) and Mr. Ram Parsad Sharma, Principal of Nawal English Boarding High School, was present as the Guest of Honor.Mr. TilottamPaudel, President-JCYCN, Mr. Deepak Sharma, Secretary-JCYCN,Home NathJaisi, President, Lions Club of Nawalparasi were also present in the workshop.Among the total 50 participants 27 female participants were attended from different VDC.