Jagriti Child and Youth Concern Nepal (JCYCN) is a non-governmental, non- political and non-profit making social organization established by dedicated youths for the protection and promotion of child and youth rights in Nepal through advocacy, research and campaign. It was registered in the District Administration Office (DAO) Nawalparasi on October 3rd of 2004 and affiliated to the Social Welfare Council (SWC) in Kathmandu.

As a part of human rights protection and promotion, JCYCN has observed and monitored many human rights violation cases especially of children during the ten years insurgency in Nepal and it has also initiated various campaigns in the country for generating a conducive environment for children and youths. In a post-war period and during state rebuilding, JCYCN believes in the essential need of participation of all caste, creed, race, age, gender and ethnicity, as the voice of each individual is very important. Therefore, committed towards its vision, mission and goals, JCYCN always stands ahead to raise key issues and ensure youth and children’s participation in various level of the state building mechanism.

The structural profile of JCYCN consists of thirty-three general members comprising of 18 males and 15 females with vision of inclusiveness and equality. Currently, we have four full time employees who are working under various capacities, many who are rendering their services to the organization voluntarily and according to their skills, and 50 youth volunteers that come into action when necessary. Due to financial crunch, the organization has not been able to provide monetary benefits to the volunteer members though they have been continuously working and pursuing activities with the coordination and cooperation of different organizations and government agencies. Given the financial barriers, JCYCN aims to provide network support and professional opportunities for volunteers as a way to encourage and respect their contributions.

JCYCN was initially established with the formation of Jagriti Child Club Nepal (JCCN), which is the first and foremost children’s club in Nepal without any external support. There was no provision for registering children’s clubs in the country until 1998 as the Nepali legislative development lacked recognition of child’s rights to register anything due to their lack of legal citizenship at the time. That was about to change when a group of enthusiastic children registered a case in the Supreme Court and in the Ministry of Home demanding their right to open a child club in Nepal. After three years of debate and persistent advocacy, the Supreme Court of Nepal finally gave its verdict in favor of the children and JCCN.

The verdict given by the Supreme Court of Nepal is such a progressive landmark that it has been studied with greater importance by Law students in renowned colleges in Kathmandu. Since then, JCCN has received legal permission to organize programs for groups of children and form child clubs in Nepal. From its inception, JCCN received positive feedback from various communities and many have been influenced by its initiatives. As the first child club of Nepal, JCCN did a number of imperative works including campaigns and advocacy programs on child related topics such as quality education, sanitation and health concerns, sustainability and environment, child marriage, decision-making participation, and so on.

After gaining valuable expertise, the same children of JCCN who had by now crossed the age of 18, felt the need for a youth forum to implement their skills and knowledge for the betterment of society. This led to the formation of JCYCN, a child and youth NGO registered in Nawalparasi on October 3rd, 2004, but that has been working in the field of child and youth since 2001.

Most of the members involved in JCYCN are youths and students who have worked in child clubs during their childhood. By profession, some members are engineers, doctors, businessmen, professors, lawyers, social workers and students. Many of them have more than 10 years’ experience in working with child and youth issues including the conflict emergency period. JCYCN tries to bring and involve all these personalities under one roof so that development activities can be done through various dimensions. JCYCN has 33 general members, and four staff. To motivate, inspire and retain our volunteers, we provide different opportunities for their career development; like providing them opportunities to participate in different national and international programs, and engaging them in social work so that they are able to develop themselves.

JCYCN funds currently come from the below institutions:
• Caritas, Nepal and Caritas Germany ( 2017-2018)

• Cedar Fund, Hong Kong (2015-2016)
• Indigo Children Fund, United Kingdom(2016-2018)
• Nepalhilfe B.H, Germany (2016-2018)
• The Garden of Hope Foundation, Taiwan (2015-2018)

  • //KANALLAN, Switzerland (2018-2019)

Working Sectors
We would be interested in forming partnerships in the following sectors:
Child Rights – Youth Rights –  Girl Rights – Human Rights – Peacebuiding – UNSC 2250 – Natural Disaster Assistance – Volunteerism – Education – Child Friendly Local Governance – Youth Safe and Dignified Migration

Target Groups
• Child and Youth Clubs
• Disadvantaged and Marginalized Children and Youths
• Disaster and Conflict Victims
• Girl Child
• Volunteers
• Youth Migrants

Working Areas
JCYCN is currently working in the following Districts:

• Kathmandu
• Lalitpur
• Nawalparasi
• Rasuwa
• Sindhupalchok